Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information

California Consumer Privacy Act

We may share your information with reputable organizations who may contact you with special offers of possible interest (where we have your consent to do so or, alternatively, on the basis of our legitimate interests to operate a business) and provided that you have not asked us to not to share your data in this way. When we disclose personal information for a business purpose, we enter a contract that describes the purpose and requires the recipient to both keep that personal information confidential and not use it for any purpose except performing the contract. The CCPA prohibits third parties who purchase the personal information we hold from reselling it unless you have received explicit notice and an opportunity to opt-out of further sales.


How to opt-out

Consumers who opt-in to personal information sales may opt-out of future sales at any time. To exercise the right to opt-out, you (or your authorized representative) may submit a request to us by entering their email into the field to the right, checking the opt-out box, and clicking submit. Once you make an opt-out request, we will wait at least twelve (12) months before asking you to reauthorize personal information sales. However, you may change your mind and opt back in to personal information sales at any time by entering your email in the field to the right, leaving the opt-out box unchecked, and clicking submit.